Our trucks are regularly serviced and well maintained by licensed mechanics and consist of plant and vehicles that are routinely upgraded.

If the truck you require is not listed below, please contact us and we will assist with your requirements.

4t - 2005 Hino Dutro (T05)

4t - 2006 Hino Dutro (T08)

6t - Hino Ranger Pro (T07)

6t - Hino Tipper (T12)

6t - Flat Bed Truck (T11)

9t - Mitsubishi Truck (T14)

9t - Hino Ranger Pro (T06)                             Risk Management Report - T06


1t - Cormidi Mini Dumper (D108)                     D108 Service Records

6t - Ausa D600 Dumper (D109)                      D109 Service Records             Risk Management Report - D109


Minimum Hire

For 1 tonne to 9 tonne trucks there is a 4 + 1 minimum hire.  For the Mini Dumper & 6t Dumper there is an 8 hour minimum hire per day.

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